Cathay Pacific aircraft are always the best in the world on any given route. The flights are hence always a pleasure with impeccable service and ever smiling staff. Another reason that makes a flight on Cathay Pacific one of the most pleasurable experiences is the distinct feel of comfort and luxury, no matter which class you happen to be travelling in.

The First Class is of course the best one on any airplane, and these seats make you wonder whether you’re flying from one city to another or lying down in the bed of your hotel room! Long haul flights see special designer travel bags from Ermenegildo Zegna and products from Acca Kappa for the men, and the Ipa-Nima travel pouch and products from Aesop for the ladies.

The seats easily recline a complete 180 degrees and turn into a bed at the touch of a button, and the thoughtful addition of privacy screens accompanied by luxury duvets, fluffy pillows, and even a sleep suit make the journey a wonderful delight.

More marvels when you travel First Class on Cathay Pacific!

The cuisine offered on the First Class deck of Cathay Pacific is made to order and hence the freshest and of course the tastiest.

The in flight entertainment too is state of the art with an array of movies, television shows, music CDs, radio channels, and games, all of them in over 10 languages to choose from.

All this and much more makes first class travel in Cathay Pacific a treat fit for royalty!