There are few seats in the aviation industry that has made the kind of news that the new Business Class seats of Cathay Pacific have. The new Business Class of the airline has not seats, but cabins, and every cabin is the epitome of luxury and among the best experiences one can have in the open skies.

One can go on and on about the new Business Class cabins of the airline. Everything from the ambience to the lighting is simply amazing and the fact that the impeccable service of Cathay Pacific accompanies the astonishingly comfortable environment makes everything look even better.Awarded the World’s Best Business Class Award by Skytrax, one look at the new Business Class makes sure that passengers do not even think of flying with any other airline or any other class. The Cathay Pacific Business Class cabins are better than even the First Class seats of some airlines and this is something that is not overlooked by passengers.

The cabin offers the perfect amount of privacy which enables passengers to create their own private space in the skies, at the same time having the pleasant and efficient cabin crew of Cathay Pacific at hand in case a service is required of them. What’s even more amazing about the seats is that every passenger has in the new Business Class cabins are tailor made for long distance flights are the most comfortable.

Cathay Pacific has gone ahead and yet again proved through their new Business Class cabins as to why they are among the best airlines in the world.